Vocal & multi-instrumental quartet

Concerts (Content)

Dragonsfire ... do create a unique sound, which is refreshing and exciting. (Words & Music)

Dragonsfire in Dinner Jackets

A Dragonsfire concert is a unique event. All the musical items are arranged by members of the group, so that even the best known pieces have a completely new sound. There is a delightful crossover of musical styles. As each member is a multi-instrumentalist, the group use anything up to fifty instruments in a concert programme. Depending on the programme and occasion, they will wear either formal concert dress, or period and colourful costume to enhance the chosen repertoire. They use beautiful vocal harmonies and an informal but informative presentation, introducing each item from the platform to explain the music and the less familiar instruments. While creating an entertaining experience for adults, our concerts are very accessible to children of all ages, and will be beneficial to anyone studying History and/or Music in their educational curriculum.


A selection of programmes: A Royal Array - an ideal introduction for the non-specialist audience to early music and song from 1250 to 1600, featuring welIknown pieces such as Greensleeves and The Boar's Head Carol.
Crossing the Borders - arrangements from the rich heritage of traditional folk music and song from around the British Isles.
A Present from the Past - a festive gift of carols and Christmas music from medieval to the early 20th century.
The Piper calls the tune - a varied programme of music and song, including early music, folk song and light classical pieces.


This unique and outstanding group of musicians ... took the Grassington Festival by storm. (Skipton Music Society)