Vocal & multi-instrumental quartet

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Dragonsfire specialises in instrumental music and song from different periods of history. Dragonsfire has a reputation for total reliability and complete professionalism. The members of this quartet are all very experienced professional musicians and the group is also covered by public liability insurance.

Ideal for corporate events and private functions, dinners, receptions, product launches, conferences, weddings, concerts and lecture-recitals, our music helps create the perfect atmosphere to make your function a success. Dress can be either formal bow tie and dinner jackets, or full costume of the relevant historic period or theme. The music can be played in one static position, or movable to different points, (for certain themes, it is possible to be strolling while playing).

We can also play for period dancing and/or folk dancing, but we need to take a Caller to teach the guests and lead the dances.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements even if your particular function is not shown below. We can provide extra musicians and other artistes, and tailor a function to your requirements through our own function planning company, Belltower Enterprises.

Some historic periods which we can offer:-

Medieval - recorders, pipe & tabor, English bagpipes, shawm, gittern, Gothic harp, hammer dulcimer, sackbut, medieval side-drum
Boar's Head Carol, Sumer is y-cumen in, Dance tunes - Branle, farandole

Tudor / Renaissance (16th century) - recorders, crumhorns, cornamuse, rackett, lute, bandora, four course guitar, psaltery, bass viol, harp, hammer dulcimer, serpent,
Greensleeves, Silver Swan - Orlando Gibbons, Now is the month of Maying - Thomas Morley, Come again! Sweet love doth now invite - John Dowland, Dance tunes - Pavan, Galliard

For pictures of Medieval and Tudor costume, and further information on these two themes, click here.

Baroque  (17-18th century) - recorders, flute, baroque guitar, mandolin, viola da gamba, serpent, harp
Arrangements of wellknown Baroque compositions by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Purcell
March from Scipio, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Sheep may safely graze,
Dance movements - Menuet, Gavotte, Hornpipe

Georgian (18th century) - recorders, flute, guitar, mandolin, viola da gamba, serpent, harp
Arrangements of wellknown compositions by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven
Themes from sonatas and symphonies, arrangements of piano pieces
Dance movements - Minuet, Landler, Waltz

Baroque Dragonsfire

Victorian  (19th century) - flute, guitar, mandolin, hammer dulcimer, serpent, tuba, accordion
Parlour songs, Music Hall songs, Victorian folk songs - The last rose of summer, Cockles & Mussels, Come into the garden Maud, My grandfather's clock, Down at the old Bull & Bush.

1960's - flute, bowed psaltery, guitar, mandolin, autoharp tambourine, finger chimes
Tom Paxton, John Denver, Ewan McColl, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon
Blowing in the wind, Where have all the flowers gone? Both sides now, Amazing grace
Instrumental medleys of Beatles songs

At other themed events, we have performed as musicians for the following: -

Victorian Dragonsfire

Venetian masked ball - recorders, flute, bandora, lute-guitar, mandolin, serpent
Arrangements of music by Frescobaldi & Vivaldi, Matona, mia cara - Orlando di Lasso,
EI grillo - Josquin des Pres, Sets of dance movements and other courtly music

Sea Themes - Flageolet, flute, guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion
Sea songs & shanties, A-roving, Shoals of Herring, Hearts of Oak Holy Ground, Blow the man down,
When the boat comes in, Stormy winds do blow

Irish - Irish tin whistle, flute, guitar, mandolin, banjo, harp, accordion, bodhran, bones
Instrumental arrangements of Carolan melodies, Moore's Irish melodies - Minstrel boy,
Last Rose of summer, folk songs - Black velvet band. Wild Rover, Gilgarra mountain,
Instrumental sets of Irish jigs and reels

Scottish - recorders, flute, guitar, mandolin, accordion
Skye boat song, The Diamond, On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, Mingulay boat song,
Instrumental sets of Scottish traditional tunes


English - recorders, flute, guitar, mandolin
O No John!, Barley Mow, Let no man steal your thyme, There is a tavern in the town,
Instrumental sets of Morris and country dances

Welsh - recorders, flute, guitar, mandolin, double harp
The Ashgrove, Dafydd y Gareg Wen (David of the White Rock - sung in Welsh), O! Deued pob Christion (The poverty carol-sung in Welsh), Instrumental arrangements of Welsh traditional music

Round The World - Portugese guitarra, Swiss Alpine horn, ocarinas, balalaika, panpipes
Instrumental music and songs from many different countries